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    Showing off their fit physiques, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen were side-by-side as they frolicked on the beach and in the waters off the coast of Barbados on Wednesday (April 11).

    — source Celebrity Gossip

    Back out for another day of fun in the sun, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen spent their Thursday (April 12) on the beaches of Barbados.

    The “Hart of Dixie” darling and her “Jumper” co-star beau romped along the Caribbean island”s sandy shoreline while sharing a few warm embraces as they cooled off in online slots the crystal clear waters.

    — source Celebrity Gossip

    Rachel2BBilson2BRachel2BBilson2BVacations2BHayden2B8OYCDGm0iNfl.jpg article-0-12923E2C000005DC-438_634x688.jpg rachel-hayden-041112-2.jpg spl381782_001-wm900-560x498.jpg

    53158b679d446b76_FFN_rachelandhayden_8976394_xxxlarge.jpg spl381802_003-wm900-560x448.jpg 3Rachel-Bilson-Bikini-with-Hayden-Christensen-041212-580x435.jpg rachel-hayden-tall-041212-_28229.jpg

    Gallery Links:

    There has been a lot of talk about the possibility of a Jumper 2being made, ever since the first Jumper movie was released back in 2008. Now it has been reported that Jumper 2 is going to be made and some of the cast from the first film are set to return.

    Jumper was where Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson first met and they have been dating ever since and now it seems that they are set to reprise their roles for Jumper 2. Both of them are signed up for the sequel and it is expected that Jamie Bell may also return.
    The Doug Liman directed movie Jumper made over $220m worldwide and the fact that it did so well at the box office almost guaranteed a sequel. However, since it has been so long since the first Jumper movie, many people had given up hope of Jumper 2ever happening.
    As well as Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen returning forJumper 2, as well as possibly Jamie BellDoug Liman will also be back to direct the movie. Filming for Jumper 2 is set to begin early next year with a release date planned for 2014.
    — source Fan Share

    Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Hayden Christensen leave a restaurant after having lunch on Friday (March 2) in Los Angeles.

    — source Just Jared

    http://fielbonus.org src=”http://hayden-christensen.org/gallery/albums/outabout/2012/lalunch-mar2/thumb_rachel-bilson-hayden-christensen-lunch-la-01.JPG” alt=”rachel-bilson-hayden-christensen-lunch-la-01.JPG” width=”85″ height=”85″ border=”0″ /> rachel-bilson-hayden-christensen-lunch-la-04.JPG rachel-bilson-hayden-christensen-lunch-la-10.JPG rachel-bilson-hayden-christensen-lunch-la-06.JPG

    Gallery Links:

    Here are some additions to our gallery. Some are just updated with HQ and some are photo shoots that had not been added to the gallery yet. Enjoy!

    46df5971f3a2b1e7_Hayden_Christensen_HQCityRU_0038.jpg 652180a1ab04.jpg 4f439536019ef314_Ha610_www_hqparadise_hu.jpg online casino 2012″ src=”http://hayden-christensen.org/gallery/albums/Photoshoots/part2/013/thumb_4e1f76c1c3e54e3a_Hayden_Christensen_HQCityRU_07.jpg” alt=”4e1f76c1c3e54e3a_Hayden_Christensen_HQCityRU_07.jpg” width=”85″ height=”85″ border=”0″ />

    Gallery Links:
    Session 07 
    - Session 13
    - Session 23
    - Session 38
    - Session 43
    - Session 44
    - Session 45
    - Session 46
    - Session 47 

    Sorry for the delay but I needed to situate some things first before I resolved who the winner was. The winner will receive an email from me. For all the entries I wanted to know if your videos/fan art can be added to the website in a fan section with proper credit to the owners, please email me with your answer. Also I appreciate everyone that entered this contest. I appreciate all the time you put into your project. We will be having a new contest soon that will just be randomly picked and so you just need to make a comment. 

    Our winner for the first HCO contest is  India.

    Here are some great magazine scans that were donated by my secret santa. Thanks so much again. Enjoy!

    02.jpg 01.jpg 02.jpg 03.jpg

    Gallery Links:
    - GQ – MARCH (2002)

    Okay so I had seen this in the news but hadn’t really posted it. But I was recently emailed by a fan of Runelords and they wanted me to appeal to Hayden fans to vote for Hayden Christensen in the role of Gaborn. The other contenders for the role are Kellan Lutz and Zac Efron.

    Vote Here

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